NoElement Bite
Priority: Slow Precision: 94 FP: 9
Effect 1
Target: Enemy Status: -HP Power: 18
Description: Bites down on enemy to damage enemy HP.
Effect 2
Target: None Status: NA Power: NA
Description: None

Learned ByEdit

# Name Colors
02 Rinroke Rinroke(Blue) Rinroke(Green) Rinroke(Red)
03 Rinram Rinram(Green)
05 Ovore Ovore(Green) Ovore(Red)
45 Slino Slino(Blue) Slino(Green) Slino(Red)
46 Slinaku Slinaku(Blue) Slinaku(Green) Slinaku(Red)
48 Slinux Slinux(Blue) Slinux(Red)
91 Fader Fader(Blue) Fader(Green) Fader(Red)

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