This page is for documenting updates to the game.

Note: Please only add updates as they are announced by Neo and with valid change information. Please try to stay only one future update ahead unless given good reason to go further. Do not forget to add proper Anchor to new additions

Version Release

What's New?

1.0.2 October 2, 2012 General*Cost of Evolution changed.
  • Skill Points awarded after battle edited/balanced.
  • Items don't give so much element stats.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug on outfit switching at the start! It was a skin tone issue.
  • Fixes learning attacks for ZENFORMS in slots 2, 3, and, 4.
  • Learning Attack bug fully fixed.
  • Using Items in battle bug fixed.
  • Fixed an area known as "Glitched Land" (ability to travel to unfinished/unintended maps removed.
  • Attack changes. Mostly spelling corrections and stat corrections.
  • ZENFORM Storage Slot 4 error fixed.
1.0.1 September 28, 2012 General*School is now open 24/7 (healing any time).
  • Gamble attacks never miss the target!
  • Run switch is now global (doesn't reset when going into menus and back).
  • A super strong 5 star Ovore is somewhere in the wild!

Bug Fixes

  • Healing 4th ZENFORM fixed.
  • Various animations fixed.
  • Fixed locker storage bug.
  • Fixed spelling mistakes.
  • Locker/Items always saying "Store" glitch fixed.
  • For now - 4-v-4 battles are removed.
1.0 September 27, 2012


  • Initial relase
  • 24 varieties of ZENFORMS implemented