Introduced v1.0
Type ZENFORM Management
Location Protector School
Description Handles various ZENFORM related functions.

Interacting with Christine will open this menu.

Christine works at the front desk of the Caladan Protector School. She performs useful ZENFORM management features for the player such as renaming, storage access and healing. She possesses a dialect of northwestern Ireland and says "oh aye" and "wee" frequently.

Renaming Edit

You can rename a ZENFORM any number of times at no cost.

Storage Edit


The current storage screen.

The player can store up to four ZENFORMS currently. The number will increase in time and storage will be accessible via NPCs located throughout the world.

Healing Edit

Christine will heal your entire party at no cost.

Trivia Edit

  • Christine is based on the real world Keith's fiancée.

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