Cozade Road Lower is a map just north of Cozade Town and south of Cozade Road Upper. This is where the player and Keith go after their first day of school to train. There are several grass patches in this area, and this is your first chance at battling wild ZENFORM in the game. When you go with Keith, he gives you a tutorial on battling. Afterwards, you can simply walk into the grass and find ZENFORM. As the first access to ZENFORM battles, only Newborn ZENFORM can appear here, and are fairly weak.

Trivia Edit

  • Right after the south entrance, a female NPC stands near the grass you and Keith trained in. When you talk to her, she will tell you about escaping wild battles. When she asks if you understand and you say no, she will break the fourth wall and speak directly to the player and explain that tapping the pop-up that says "Wild Battle!" will prevent wild battles.
  • Standing between two logs in a patch of dirt is 'First Place' Tanny. When you speak to him, he only introduces himself and says "First place!" However, he becomes an important character in Chapter 3, being the last Protector required to enter Forest Park Forest.

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