Cozade Road Upper is the second part of the Cozade Road that leads from Cozade Town to Glenhook. This map has several grass patches, and these areas contain the first Child evolution ZENFORMS found in the wild. There are several NPCs in this area, and an advertisement for ZENCrystals on a large post.

Interesting NPCs Edit

  • Right above the south entrance to the map is a construction worker standing by a traffic light. He says he is trying to fix the light and explains that none of the lights work and that because of this, the Caladan State has ordered that no one use the roads.
  • Along the road heading east there is a man in a green jacket. When you speak to him, he will ask if you are Steven's younger brother and then tell you that he did the editing on the trailer for WarZone, the game that your brother Steven made for the PCom. He mentions that although the trailer was nice, he doesn't like the game.
  • At the end of the east road, a gang of five NPCs is gathered. If Principal Vicar has given you the mission to clear out the gangs, you will challenge them to a battle. They have 2 Zenform.

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