NOTE: As of v1.0.2 this move is bugged and inflicts Charm instead of Paralyzed.

Water Don't Move!
Priority: Fast Precision: 100 FP: 35
Effect 1
Target: Enemy Status: Condition Power: NA
Description: Paralyzes all enemy battlers.
Effect 2
Target: Player Status: Condition Power: NA
Description: Gives player battlers status condition: Replenish. HP is increased each turn.

Learned ByEdit

# Name Colors
02 Rinroke Rinroke(Blue) Rinroke(Green) Rinroke(Red)
08 Obull Obull(Blue) Obull(Green) Obull(Red)
49 Bodpike Bodpike(Blue) Bodpike(Green) Bodpike(Red)
91 Fader Fader(Blue) Fader(Green) Fader(Red)