This article is intended to help answer a lot of the general questions players may have about ZENFORMS: Protectors. If someone has something to add, feel free to do so. If anyone has a question not answered here, please ask in the Talk page for the article.

Mechanics Edit

What do the stars stand for? Edit

A ZENFORM's Star Rank is determined by the total of its Physical Stats. It is most easily compared to a level representation. The ranges are:

  • 1 Star = 93 and lower
  • 2 Star = 94 to 183
  • 3 Star = 184 to 279
  • 4 Star = 280 to 367
  • 5 Star = 368 and higher

What does the color behind the Star Rank mean? Edit

The color represents the ZENFORM's evolution stage.

  • Black = Newborn
  • Blue = Child
  • Green = Adolescent
  • Red = Adult
  • Purple = Grand

How is SP determined? Edit

The SP earned after a battle is manipulated by a variety of factor. In general, the better you perform - the more you get. Factors currently include, but are not limited to:

  • Critical Hits (Good)
  • One-Hit KOs (Good)
  • Receiving, Inflicting and Removing Status Conditions (Good)
  • Evolution Stage of Opponent (Higher is better)
  • Fainting (Bad)
  • Using Moves With Insufficient FP (Bad)

How do our choices affect the game? Edit

As the game progresses, player choices will shape the story in various ways such as forming relationships, making enemies, etc.

Future Content Edit

Will there be water fruits? Edit

Yes, fruits that give Water stats will be available in future updates.

Will there be a "Zen-Dex"? Edit

Yes, a PCom app called the ZEN Database will be added in the future.

Will we get more storage? Edit

In the 1.1 update Christine will have a scrolling row of 12 Zenform instead of just a static row of 4.

Will in-game time affect anything? Edit

Yes, the chothes and hairstyles available in Smilez and Snip n Cut would be different everyday in-game.

Will we be able to buy clothes? Edit

Clothes are currently purchasable in Smilez.

How will elements affect battles in the future? Edit

Elemental stats will add extra damage and resistance to elemental attacks.

Adult and Grand stage ZENFORMS are element based; other stages are neutral. Every element has a strength and weakness.

Water > Fire > Earth > Wind > Water

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