Glenhook is the second town shown in the game. After your second day of school,Keith brings you here to visit Andrea's ZEN-Shop . To get to Glenhook, you go north of Cozade Town up through Cozade Road Lower and into Cozade Road Upper. Here, there is a T intersection in the road. Take the left road to enter Glenhook. In Glenhook, you can buy ZENCrystals to capture Zenform and elemental berries to heal or replenish your zenforms, also increasing their elemental stats.

Trivia Edit

  • From Glenhook, you can travel west to Ratly Drive, or travel north to Glenhook Bypass after defeating the gang blocking the way. To do so, you must take the gang-defeating quest from Principal Vicar and walk up to the Glenhook Bypass/Gelnhook map border from either side to challenge the gang in between. 
  • There is an easter egg NPC to the right of the shop, standing in front of a Pod parked by the first house. This NPC is a recreation of the viral video called "Reality Hits You Hard, Bro ", where a man humorously describes the car wreck he was just in. The NPC calls the vehicle "Pods", but this instance and the original video are otherwise very similar.

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