Welcome to Glitched Land

"Glitched Land" is the name given to a set of five incomplete maps that were unintentionally made accessible in v1.0.1. Engaging in wild encounters on these maps resulted in a battle backdrop but with no battle initiated. Neo has said he intends to redesign these maps before they are officially added to the game. Upon the release of v1.0.2, the Glitched Land was again made inaccessible.

Ratly Drive Edit


A P1 NPC challenging the player in Ratly Drive.

Ratly Drive is a map to the west of Glenhook. It's a fairly standard route and also contains a single Player 1 placeholder NPC which challenges the player to battle but hasn't been programmed to actually fight.

Gemerald Road Edit


A P1 NPC informing the player of ongoing roadwork in Gemerald Road.

North of Ratly Drive lies Gemerald Road. Upon entering the map from the south, the player will notice that the road to the west is blocked off. Another Player 1 NPC informs the player that they are conducting roadwork and that he cannot enter the forest via the road and should, instead, use the nearby building to pass through. Attempting to do so would result in a crash.

Glenhook Bypass Edit

Glenhook Bypass lies north of Glenhook and east of Gemerald Road. There's nothing of particular interest here, but it does lead to our fourth map.

Gemerald Edit


A house in Gemerald

Upon leaving Glenhook Bypass via the eastern exit, the player arrives in Gemerald, a town with some nice houses and a cave. Outside of the cave waits yet another Player 1 NPC who warns the player that the cave is dangerous. It is wise to heed his warning as entering would result in a crash. To the east of Gemerald, our final stop in the Glitched Lands awaits.

Duvlynn North Side Edit


SALONZEN and ZENSTYLE in Duvlynn North Side.

The most impressive map in the Glitched Land is Duvlynn North Side. Duvlynn is apparently a city split into two parts, but only the northern section is accessible within the Glitched Land. The North Side contains three major attractions: a Hospital, SALONZEN and ZENSTYLE. SALONZEN and ZENSTYLE are expected to provide hairstyles and outfits in the future. Entry into Duvlynn North Side is one-way and any player who enters is unable to leave. This resulted in some players having to start anew due to saving while on the map.

More Pictures Edit

  • A house in Ratly Drive.
  • A P1 NPC cautioning the player about entering the cave in Gemerald.
  • The hospital in Duvlynn North Side.

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