Earth Poison Backlash
Priority: Fast Precision: 70 FP: 11
Effect 1
Target: Enemy Status: -DEF Power: 6
Description: Lowers both enemies' Attack by 6.
Effect 2
Target: Player Status: Condition Power: NA
Description: Poisons all player battlers.

Learned ByEdit

# Name Colors
04 Rinrox Rinrox(Blue) Rinrox(Green) Rinrox(Red)
07 Odam Odam(Blue) Odam(Green) Odam(Red)
08 Obull Obull(Green)
52 Bodell Bodell(Blue) Bodell(Green) Bodell(Red)
91 Fader Fader(Blue) Fader(Green) Fader(Red)
95 Warshock Warshock(Blue) Warshock(Green) Warshock(Red)

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