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This family consists of Rinba and its evolutions. Members of this family are distinguished by their four-legged form.

Newborn Edit

#01 Rinba
Branch Newborn

Child Edit

#02 Rinroke #03 Rinram #04 Rinrox
Rinroke(Blue) Rinram(Blue) Rinrox(Blue)
Branch ATK Branch DEF Branch SPD

Adolescent Edit

#05 Ovore #06 Orelle #07 Odam #08 Obull
Ovore(Blue) Orelle(Blue) Odam(Blue) Obull(Blue)
Branch ATK + DEF Branch ATK + SPD Branch DEF + SPD Branch ATK + DEF + SPD

Adult Edit

Little is known of Adult stage ZENFORMS.

Grand Edit

Little is known of Grand stage ZENFORMS.

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