A Warthorn with a star rank of 4, the highest achievable rank in 1.2.X

A Zenform's Star Rank is a visual summarization of it's overall strength.

How to gain StarsEdit

In most RPGs, you gain stats by increasing your level. In Zenforms: Protectors, your Star Rank is based on your current physical stat total.

If your Zenform's combined Attack, Defense, and Speed stats total to 93 or less, it is Star Rank 1. With stats between 94 and 183, it becomes Star Rank 2. From 184 to 279, your Zenform is Star Rank 3. 280 to 367 gives your Zenform a Star Rank of 4. Once you reach a combined stat total of 368, your Zenform has acheived Star Rank 5, which is the maximum Star Rank as of 1.0.

How to check Star RankEdit

Obviously, not everyone will want to add up stats to check their Star Ranks. Fortunately, the Star Rank is shown in the bottom left corner of your Zenform's sprite box in the team menu, in the top left of the summary screen (next to the name), in the storage menu (same place as the team menu) as well as to the right of the Zenform's name during battle.

How to use Star RankEdit

Currently, (v 1.0.x) Star Rank is only a visualization of power. A higher Star Rank means more stats, and that's about it. However, there have been numerous discussions as to future possible uses of Star Rank. 


-In a previous version, an Ovore with a Star Rank of 5 could be caught in the wild. With the 1.0.x stat cap of 80, (total 240) you cannot have a Zenform with a Star Rank above 3 unless you have one of these special Ovore. Attempting to increase these Ovores' stats will result in the stat being dropped to the stat cap.

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